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Quality First for All of Our Laundry Services

Providing reliable, top quality processing of linen is our number one priority. We monitor the quality of all linen as it moves through the plant. Any items that do not meet our standards are replaced, mended or made into rags.

Hygiene and disinfection

At 70°C - 83°C, our wash temperatures are higher than the standard required for thermal disinfection, giving a superior wash quality and requiring lower chemical use. Chemical disinfection is reserved for articles too delicate to cope with high wash temperatures.

The green side of things – our environmentally friendly focus

We do more for the environment than any other laundry service.

Our chemical supplier, Jasol, is the only ISO 14001 registered supplier in New Zealand. They provide quality control on a regular basis and all chemicals are fully biodegradable. By using recyclable containers for the vast bulk of our chemicals we have all but eliminated the need for packaging.

Every 3 weeks Jasol test our water and chemicals for quality, and we are regularly audited by the CDHB. Our aim is to achieve zero waste in all aspects of our business, from chemical and water waste right down to sorting organics from our staff café.

Over the years we have introduced a range of environmentally conscious initiatives, including

  • air to heat exchange dryers
  • flexible bed ironing
  • a new continuous washing line worth $2.8M to reduce energy, water and chemical use
  • an innovative heat exchanger to recover heat energy from our waste stream
  • ecobulbs being progressively installed


If you are looking for a quality laundry service for your Canterbury business we invite you to contact us today.

Environmentally Friendly Laundry

Over the years we have introduced many environment friendly initiatives