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Clive Hackett

Heralding from Auckland (don’t hold that against him), Clive comes from a sales and logistics background, originally joining Canterbury Linen Services as the Service Manager looking after the drivers and customers. With the expansion of our business, and with the need to put more resources directly into looking after our current and prospective customers he has moved to his current full-time sales and marketing role.

With such a large and varied customer base our customers have many issues and opportunities. Clive enjoys working with them providing ideas and solutions from setting up small health clinics to working through the smooth operation of large hotels, they all have their own excitement, making every day both challenging and rewarding.

Clive has two lovely children and apart from when spending time with them, he is happiest when creating great works of art, or more commonly mediocre ones. Bringing his sketch book with him whenever he has a spare moment just in case the appropriate subject is there. Clive is also a committed skeptic and would love nothing more than the world to operate on a more scientific and rational basis, unfortunately this may take some time to happen.