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We provide top quality, crisp linen

We understand the importance of providing the best linen to your establishment. Providing clean and top-quality tablecloths and hospitality linen is of critical importance for your business.

Service Overview

Few items in a restaurant dining room can make a statement quite the way the tablecloths do. Crisply ironed tablecloths and starched linen napkins set a distinctly upscale atmosphere. Here at Canterbury Linen we can provide the top and crisp linen that you need at your business.

We provide reliable linen rental and laundering services to a wide range of hospitality clients. With a variety of machine types, we can vary our laundering processes to handle most fabrics including cotton, synthetics and a range of specialty textiles.

Current Clients Include

Linen Products and Services

Our products and processes are tailored to meet the requirements of each client.