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Kerryn McEwen

Kerryn has been working at Canterbury Linen Services since 2010. With over 25yrs experience in both Office and Accounting role’s, Kerryn brought quite a lot of knowledge and skills to CLS. Initially her role of Office Manager was part-time, mainly in Accounts Payable and Receivable, working in conjunction with the Consulting Accountant. But, with the growth of the company, her role has also grown.

Kerryn currently works fulltime as the Office / Systems Manager. Working alongside our IT Partners, Kerryn’s experience and knowledge was key in setting up the CLS Online Ordering and RFID systems. Working alongside the Production, Packing and Transport support team’s, Kerryn has trained them on how to use the IT systems for packing and distribution of customers’ orders. Kerryn’s knowledge in most of CLS’s computer systems, means she is the ‘Go To’ person when there are any IT problems (Usually turning it off and on does the trick!).

Kerryn is married to a professional Fire Fighter and has three children and a grandson. She likes to combine her passion for organising, travel and craft beer. She recently cruised around Alaska, tasting local craft beers in every port. Previously she organised a six-week family road trip around the USA and Canada, visiting National Parks and local breweries.