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Rodney Fisher

Rod has been at Canterbury Linen since 1996. Initially he was the Production Manager for 14 years and has been General Manager since 2010. With a background in woollen and textile industries, his background was a great fit for the laundry industry.

Various management positions with large numbers of and diverse staff have taught him a lot about managing people. This is the key element of a successful business. Rod believes in looking after all of our staff and encouraging them to assist the business in achieving our goals be that efficiency or customer service or environmental.

Rod gives back to the community by volunteering with a local organisation helping those with barriers to employment find meaningful work, some here at CLS.

Outside of work Rod is often found tending a small orchard at West Melton with his wife sustainably producing Chestnuts and Ume which they process and direct market throughout NZ. This peaceful time is a great chance for contemplation and one or two ideas about improvements at CLS. The family have all left home, well at present anyway!! His children have successful careers gained by a lot of hard work and taking on Rod’s advice that education was very important for their future.

The environment is a focus for Rod and he has driven down water and energy usage at CLS and this has been a key driver in our new facility. Keep looking we can always improve in this area.