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Vinni Pietras-Jensen

Vinni has been working in finance and governance roles since 2008, eg grown the first fishermen owned factory in Greenland with Sealord, and generated power and air under the wings with a wind turbine manufacturer in the UK and New Zealand. Now she is keeping up with the finances to build a new laundry by the airport in Christchurch. In 2005 she was capped with a PhD in non-financial accounting and social science. For 15 years she was involved in exciting projects and teaching business papers at Universities and Business Schools eg financial and non-financial accounting, organisation, strategy, and management.

Governance, non-financial accounting, and change management really spins her wheels, as she believes it is important to have a good balance between taking care of staff, minimising environmental impacts and creating profit. She is also passionate about continuous improvement through new ways of thinking, technology and systems, currently by being one of the drivers behind the CLS triple bottom line (Clean, Lean & Seen), and the CLS lean program.

When she is not working, she is a big nature and sports lover. Vinni has taken her advanced divers and lead climbers’ certificates. Now she is trying to learn how to coordinate arms and legs while fitness dancing with her partner. She can often be found conquering mountains and her garden, diving exciting waters (especially her newly acquired swimming-pool ), visiting family and friends in foreign countries (mainly Denmark), or trying to beat someone in tennis.